I hold my tongue tied

Knotted feelings wring my heart

Bundled secrets bide

Into a million shards of broken diamond,

my love breaks her, with tenderness,

into a milliard kaleidoscopic shimmering facets

that reflect her boundless inner beauty.

Raining down upon the firmament of my soul,

life-giving is her love

that fosters the lushness of an ancient forest.

Captured by her eyes and her smile

I'm like the morning dew that follows the dark, frigid night,

forming on blades of grass and flower petals,

once occupied by mysterious wide-eyed creatures.

Like a piercing ray of light, unmatched by any star, any Sun,

from her heart radiates a warmth to alight my deepest core,

to heat from cold dormancy, a smouldering, glowing fire.

In her embrace there is only Love.

In her embrace I am untouchable.

In her embrace I shall survive.

Cover of darkness

Veil to the depths of my mind

Not the Sun nor the stars

will reach bottomless chambers

Where beautiful monsters hide